Women's Leagues

EDGA is excited for another season of Women’s League!

Our mission is to create a supportive space for women to play disc golf in Edmonton, focusing on our core values of community, inclusivity & positivity. 2024 league will be back on Wednesday nights.

Women's League 2024

The EDGA Women’s League will run on Wednesdays from April 24th to September 18th (22 week season) and it will cost $40. Players can play as many weeks as they like, although you will qualify for more prizes the more you play. The league will move to various courses around the city so that new players can get familiar with all of our courses in Edmonton. There will be a rotating schedule featuring three weeks of regular play, followed by one week of a special format (One-Disc round, Putters-Only, Doubles, etc.).

League Start Times

  • Players will start between 530 and 6 pm each league night. Players can show up anytime in that range and tee off with the other players that are there at the time.
  • As folks arrive, make groups of 4 or 5 and then head out on the course right away. You can mix groups between Recreational and Competitive players.
  • We encourage you to socialize and meet the other players but we also understand if you feel more comfortable playing with folks you know.

Course Schedule:

The leagues will start by splitting time between the Langholm Park and Rundle Park courses. Additional courses will be added to the rotation later in the season.

Cash and Prizes

  • Each week that our players play, they will get a ballot into a draw for awesome prizes. The more you play, the more chances you will get to win!
  • Scores will be submitted each league night by one player on each card using UDisc Leagues.
  • League is played using the PDGA regular rules of play.

Registration Costs

  • The Women's League will have a $40 registration fee.
  • Breakdown of fees is as follows: $30 to prize draws, $10 to EDGA


  • I won’t be able to come every week, is that OK?– A few of you have asked me about missing a league night. No problem! There are no repercussions to missing a week other than one less ballot in the draw. We have some awesome prizes in the works – the more you play, the more chances you have to win.
  • What if I have friends that want to sign up after the league has started? – Since there are no penalties to missing weeks, we will be accepting registrations throughout the season! If you are enjoying what we have to offer and have some friends who want to join, let them know that they can!

For more information on the league, please email programming@gmail.com.

League Stats

2024 registration is open