Sea Change Brewing Monday Doubles League

Monday Doubles League

EDGA is excited to bring back our doubles league for the 2024 season. This season we'll be splitting time between the Hermitage Park and Niska Paskwahk disc golf courses.

The Details

  • League will run from April 15th until September 23rd, 2023
  • League night is every Monday.
  • The course will alternate between Hermitage Park and Niska Paskwahk on a set schedule that will be available in UDisc.
  • Self-formed groups of two teams will be sent out in a rolling start, starting at 4:00pm. The last group will tee off at 6:30pm. Individuals or groups arriving after 6:30pm may be ineligible to participate.


  • League format will be best shot doubles from the pro/blue tee pads at Hermitage, and the main pads at Niska Paskwahk.
  • Substitute players will be allowed, but your final league score can only include three rounds with a substitute. Substitutes must be an EDGA member if playing at Niska Paskwahk.
  • If you are unable to find a substitute, you have the option to play the round solo. If you decide to play solo, you only get to take one shot per lie.

Beers for Birdies

  • Each week, there will be a $25 gift card up for grabs from Sea Change Brewing Co.
  • A specific hole will be identified each week, and if your team scores a birdie on that hole, you'll be entered into the draw.


  • A team’s league standing is the average of their 10 best rounds of the season, using a minimum of four rounds from each course.
  • Once a team reaches their four rounds at each course, their tier is assigned. This will not change for the rest of the season.
  • Once a team reaches 10 rounds, they are qualified for full payout for their tier. There is no prorating this season, so playing less than 10 rounds means no payout.
  • Scores will be submitted each league night by one player on each card using UDisc Leagues.
  • League is played using the PDGA regular rules of play.


  • There will be at least three tiers
  • Estimated tier cutoffs are:
    • Tier One: Average below 47
    • Tier Two: Average below 51
    • Tier Three: Average 51 or above
  • Depending on the number of teams and early scores, tiers could be adjusted to ensure at least a few teams in each tier.


  • The Monday Doubles League will have a $65 registration fee per player
  • Breakdown of fees is as follows: $50 to payouts, $5 to Ace Pot (split among winners), $10 to EDGA
  • Payouts will be made according to the PDGA payout schedule

About Sea Change Brewing Co.

There is something to be said about keeping a dream alive, and for a scrappy group of musicians, creatives and seasoned craft brewers, Sea Change Brewing Co. is that dream. All it took was decades of hustling, skill-building, and friendship cresting on a big swing in 2017 that launched the brewery.

We started as a single-beer micro-brand and grew into an award-winning staple in the Alberta brewing scene thanks to our team’s engrained D.I.Y. work ethic and creative approach to branding and community collaboration. But behind it all, what remains true from the dream to the pint glass, are diverse, unpretentious beers, crafted with care, true-to-style, and most importantly, great tasting.

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