Mike Carey

MEMBER-AT-LARGE PROGRAMMING “After playing his first round, Mike quickly realized that he loves this game. In 2023, he played 150 rounds at 14 new courses, bringing his total to 25 courses total”

Stefan Jennings

MEMBER AT LARGE GENERAL “A mechanical trades instructor by day, and an avid disc golfer by later that day, Stefan hopes to lend his energetic personality to any and all projects in EDGA”

Matt Dwyer

MEMBER AT LARGE CLUB GROWTH “Over 10 years, Matt has moved to five different states and most recently to Edmonton. As director of club growth, he is excited to help promote opportunities for others to discover the benefits of disc golf like he has”

Brock Ciochetti

VICE PRESIDENT “I’m excited to bring my experience in technology, event-organizing, and not-for-profit governance to EDGA and continue the momentum we’ve had since I started on the board in 2022”

Joey Wilson

TREASURER Joey is EDGA’s Treasurer and ensures that budgets are followed, projects are completed, bills get paid and players get their payouts! Joey is a dedicated disc golfer and can be seen at Rundle league without fail.

Graham Troughton

MEMBER AT LARGE COURSE MAINTENANCE “My life throwing plastic began in 2003 when I started playing Ultimate. In 2009 I purchased my first disc (an Innova Champ Spyder) which I still bag today.”

Tim Plamondon

PRESIDENT Tim Plamondon has served as President of the Edmonton Disc Golf Association since 2021, and continues to build off of the momentum created through previous councils and the explosive growth of the sport. Tim is a passionate disc golfer who has been involved in the sport since 2016.

Vicky Yeung

MEMBER AT LARGE COMMUNICATONS Vicky comes to EDGA from the world of Ultimate (Frisbee). After 2 years of mostly recreational play, she decided to bring her passion for organizing events to the world of disc golf