We are Back!

EDGA is back at The Hills for an extended season in 2021! Please note that all of the information below is our plan, and is subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Play Anytime

The Anytime Tuesday League runs from April 20th – Sept 28th and is powered by UDisc, sponsored by Gander Disc Golf & Practice Putt Disc Golf app available on IOS & Android. As the name implies, play whenever you like each Tuesday with whomever you want. Scores are logged through the free UDisc app and released the next day. There will be weekly draws and prizes.

Choose Your Division

The Hills League will have 2 divisions: join the Amateur Division to play for plastic, or play in the Pro Division to play for cash. Registration is $75 and everyone who registers gets a Gander GC and a code for a free copy of the deluxe paid version of the Practice Putt Disc Golf app. EDGA membership required.

Breakdown of fees

Here’s a breakdown of where your Hills League Fees go:

Amateur Division ($75) – $20 to weekly draws, $20 to prize pack, $20 to end of season prizes $15 to EDGA.

Pro Division ($75) – $40 to payouts (to be paid out at the end of the season), $20 to prize pack, $15 to EDGA.

Register for The Hills League on our LEAGUE REGISTRATION page. See you out there!