EDGA 2018

Memorial Cup Tournament

The Memorial Cup Tournament will he held on Saturday, September 29th at Rundle Park.

  • Registration is at 9:30am and kick-off is at 10am.
  • Free for EDGA members
  • 2 rounds
  • Lunch is provided
EDGA 2018

Final Tournaments [Updated]

Final tournaments will be on:

  • September 15th for the Rundle Park league.  This will be held at Rundle Park and check-in is from 9am to 9:30am.
  • September 16th for the Beaumont and Leduc leagues.  Both rounds will be held at Leduc and check-in is from 9am to 9:30am.


EDGA 2018


With our September 15th AGM coming up I know there will be questions about the process and agenda. The AGM will be held shortly after the Rundle League Final wraps up. Because of the ongoing 2018 budget there will be a transition period for members of the new and outgoing Board.

Our bylaws were approved by the office of the registar in August of 2018. This has been part of the effort from the 2017 AGM whereby EDGA voted on and passed bylaws.

There are up to 11 positions available at the AGM. 4 positions which define the management Board include the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Director of Finance. The remaining positions (1 – 7) are for Directors at Large. Members may request a nomination in absentia. If you want to be considered for a Board position in absentia please email me a formal submission of interest with the position you wish to be considered for to edgafeedback@gmail.com

EDGA 2018

Leduc league starts May 1st.

Leduc’s league will start on May 1st and the calendar has been updated to reflect this.  We’re still picking a date for the Leduc/Beaumont tournament and we’re expecting it will be May 5th or May 6th.

Tee off will be at 6:30.  Registration starts at 6:00 and please show up a bit early (5:45ish?) if you need to register as an EDGA member.

EDGA 2018

Delays and postponements

The cold and, more importantly, wet weather has us off to a late start.  We need to let the courses dry out a bit before start treading and tromping through the fields and up and down the hills. The erosion can do some heavy damage to the courses and create some serious slipping hazards.

With that in mind, the following are postponed for now:

  • Leduc league.
  • Leduc kickoff tournament
  • Beaumont kickoff tournament

We’ll announce dates for these as soon as we can get the weather to cooperate.

On the flip side:

  • Beaumont league starts on April 25th at 6:30pm.  Registration starts at 5:45pm and please come early so we can get everyone registered in time.
  • Rundle league starts on April 26th at 6:30pm.  Registration starts at 5:45pm and please come early so we can get everyone registered in time.
  • Rundle kickoff tournament is on April 28th at 10am.  It will be 2 full rounds with a break in between.
EDGA 2018

2018 League & Event Schedule

EDGA is pleased to finally unveil the beginnings of our league and event schedule for the 2018 season! Read more

EDGA 2018

2018 Edmonton Icebowl

The annual Edmonton Ice Bowl Disc Golf event will happen on February 18th. Tee off is at 10:00 am sharp so please be there no later than 09:30 to register. Play will consist of 2 rounds.

The cost of the event is $40 plus a food bank donation. The first 30 registrants will get a full colour disc and a mini!
As per ice bowl custom, mulligans will be available for purchase.

All proceeds of this event go to the Edmonton Food Bank. If you’re interested in partnering with this event please email us at edgafeedback@gmail.com


Hope to see all you happy Disc Golfers there!


This event is open to all Disc Golfers who want to play a winter round


February 18, 2018
9:00 AM Registration
9:45 AM Player’s Meeting
10:00 AM Round 1
2:00ish PM Round 2
5:00ish PM Wrap Up and Raffles

Tournament Fees

$40 Plus a Food Bank Donation – Open to all members of the public

The 2017 Memorial & AGM

EDGA’s 2017 season is at an end and we conclude it with The Memorial (formally The Mark Chopp). This event is a chance for all of the EDGA membership to reflect back on this past season and beyond.

At the conclusion of The Memorial, James Morton will lead this year’s Annual General Meeting. During this meeting a recap of the 2016 year will be given as well as the election of a new board of directors. Read more

2017 EDGA Tour – #1 Gold Bar

The 2017 EDGA Tour starts off at Gold Bar Park on May 27th.

The EDGA Tour is a fun series of 5 fundraising tournaments, with Gold Bar Park being the first, for players of all skill levels. It gives players the chance to play new and exciting courses or layouts in a tournament setting at locations they likely have not had a chance to play before. Read more