Norwester Park League

The Norwester Park League is a go for 2021! Please note that all of the information below is our plan, and is subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Details

  • League will run from April 21st until September 29th, 2021.
  • League night is every Wednesday night at Norwester Park.
  • Self-formed groups of 3 to 5 players will be sent out in a rolling start, starting at 4:00pm. The last group will tee off at 6:30pm. Individuals or groups arriving after 6:30pm may be ineligible to participate.
  • Rounds will be two circuits of Norwester park, for a total of 18 holes per round.


  • A player’s league score is the average of their 10 best rounds of the season.
  • Once a player reaches their 10 rounds, their tier is assigned. This will not change for the rest of the 2021 season.
  • Once a player reaches 10 rounds, they are qualified for full payout for their tier. There is no prorating this season, so playing less than 10 rounds means no payout.
  • Scores will be submitted each league night by one player on each card using UDisc Leagues
  • League is played using the PDGA regular rules of play.

Tiers (subject to change)

  • Tier 1: Under 53
  • Tier 2: Under 56
  • Tier 3: Under 59
  • Tier 4: Under 62
  • Tier 5: 62 and up


  • The Norwester Park League will have a $75 registration fee.
  • Breakdown of fees is as follows: $65 to payouts, $10 to EDGA.
  • Payouts will be made according to the PDGA payout schedule.

Register for the Norwester Park League on our LEAGUE REGISTRATION page!

League Scores

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