Rundle After Dusk (aka R.A.D. aka Glow League)


  • Sept 23rd, Oct 1st (Friday Night Lights event – 8pm start), Oct 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.
  • Rolling Starts begin at 630pm


Rundle Park for now (Friday night lights event may be at an alternate course)


Players will pay $50 to enter glow league and all players must be current EDGA members. The cost breakdown is as follows: $5 to EDGA basket fund, $10 to the ace pot, $35 to players pool.

Ace pot currently sitting at $500

How to play

Baskets will be setup with lights. Bring discs with LEDs on them or a chargeable glow discs. (In the past, some members have brought extra LED lights for purchase for those who do not have their own).

Glow League rounds will have alternate maps, each week a map will be posted and flags will be set up for the alternate tee pads. It is suggested that you save a copy of the map or print out a copy before coming to your Glow League round. Have 1 person in your group be in charge of navigation.

As always, remember that pedestrians and regular disc golfers have the right of way, use spotters where necessary and common sense always.


Players rounds will be scored and after 2 rounds they will be placed into a tier. All tiers will pay cash to the top 45% of the tier and you must play in at least 3 events to cash out.

  • Tier 1: Under 53
  • Tier 2: Under 56
  • Tier 3: Under 59
  • Tier 4: Under 62
  • Tier 5: 62 and up



Register for the Glow League by completing the GLOW LEAGUE REGISTRATION FORM