EDGA League Post

Getting Ready for 2021 EDGA Leagues!

As we approach the start of the 2021 EDGA League season, it may be a good idea to go over the leagues and some of the ins-and-outs of how we are going to play this year. Haven’t signed up for a league yet? The first step in all of this is to become a member of EDGA and register for your league(s) of choice today!

2021 EDGA League Overview

2021 EDGA League Overview

Using UDisc at League

Although some of our leagues will have different structures, all of our Leagues will be using UDisc to keep track of scores each week. So first things first, players need to install the UDisc app on their phones. After that, we have put together a little step-by-step instruction on how to score your group’s league round in UDisc.

Join your League on UDisc


  • Open your UDisc app and click the “More” button on the bottom row
  • Scroll down and click on UDisc Leagues
  • Search “EDGA” to find a list of our leagues
  • Select the League you’d like to join from the list
  • Scroll down and click “Join League”


Create a League Scorecard


Each round will have one designated scorer. If you have been designated as that round’s scorer, you will need to create the scorecard using the following steps:

  • Select “Rounds” on the bottom row
  • Select the course your league will be playing at
  • On league nights, there will be an EVENT that you can click on rather than the layout (It is very important that you click this and not just a regular layout)


“Check-in” and add players on your card


  • Select “Check In”
  • Add all players who will be added to the card that day and click “Confirm Players” (all players will be notified to check-in on their phones)
  • Once all players have checked-in, click “Create Scorecard” and score the round for each player on your card


Once the round is over ensure that you finalize the scorecard in the app so that all players scores will be uploaded to the league.

Let’s Go!

If all of this is a lot of information, each league will have experienced players and EDGA members who administer the leagues on site, so feel free to ask questions!

Can’t wait to see everyone out on the courses! (social distanced of course)