Survey Results

EDGA recently distributed a survey and the input has been invaluable. Thanks to all those that participated. Here are the most common questions and concerns from the survey as well as EDGA’s response.

Edmonton Courses

More Courses?

This is actually something EDGA is working very diligently on at the moment. Currently we have a 9-hole course in Leduc being installed in the next couple of weeks. We are also working on a business case with the city regarding a course in Norwester Park (behind the Brick warehouse on 170th St.). Also, Shayne and I (Brendan) have had recent preliminary discussions with a land owner of a nice chunk of land near Lessard Lake. We hear you when it comes to seeing more course in Edmonton and area, the process has begun, it’s simply a time consuming process when dealing with municipalities new to the sport.

More Signage in Rundle Park?

Course Hazard SignsWe’ve gotten word from the city with week that the 10 to 12 ‘Warning’ signs are currently being fast-tracked for creation and installation, and we’re hoping for a spring/early summer installation.

Trees in Rundle Park?

What we’ve been told from the city is that all trees marked with pink stripe of death are to be replaced with new trees and not outright removed. There isn’t currently timeframe on that, we’re at the mercy of the city’s parks department. EDGA will be evaluating and submitted a project request for to add more trees in strategic locations within the course.

Areas for New Courses?

We had a number of people submit areas that they think could support a new course. Once the Norwester Park project is completed, we’ll start evaluating these other areas in partnership with the city.

Competitive League

Higher Fees?

We had a resounding no to higher fees for higher payouts, so the competitive league will stay at $5 per week with $1 going towards the ace pot and $4 going towards the year end payouts.


People are generally happy with how our competitive league is setup and run, so currently there won’t be any changes for this year.

Putting League

We’ll be conducting a separate survey at the remaining putting league nights to better gather information about what people going to the event think. We’re going to explore the responses from that, and from this survey to come up with the best putting league we can next year (earlier start time in the year, etc.)


This year, memberships will be $20 for a base membership, and $25 for a base membership + tag. These can be purchased at any of EDGA’s events, or online at

What do I get for my membership and where does the money go?

As an EDGA member you get access to all EDGA run events including 3 tournaments (Competitive Kickoff & Finale, The Memorial), the Competitive League & Tracker.

Your membership fees go towards course maintenance (new signs, basket maintenance and replacement, adding of trees, revitalization of teepads, etc.), and building up a bank roll to support disc golf expansion in Edmonton. Edmonton, at this juncture, will not build a course on the house, they require a showing of community interest and upfront capital. EDGA is spearheading this operation. The hope is that in the future Edmonton will see firsthand the value in these courses and will not require EDGA’s money to install new courses.


Meeting Minutes?

Historically council meetings have been done in a very fluid sense. We meet, express concerns and share ideas. Action items are created and distributed between it’s members. At our most recent meeting this has changed. An agenda was distributed and meeting minutes taken. Results from the most recent meeting will be posted shortly.


An emailed newsletter is not something we’re currently looking to pursue. For the latest news and updates it’s suggested that you check out the EDGA Facebook page, or the EDGA website. We’ll keep these 2 channels updated with news as it happens.

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    Sabrina Khan says:

    We love playing disc golf recreationally. I was wondering if there is anyway to order a Flying Discs sign as a gift to a close friend and avid player ?



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