2015 EDGA Memberships

EDGA’s 2015 season plans to continue the stellar success and record membership numbers that 2014 brought. EDGA has a number of events planned in addition to supporting the Alberta Disc Golf Tour.

When can I buy one?

Memberships will be available for purchase starting on April 26, 2015 before the League Kickoff Tournament. After which time they’ll be available to purchase at all organized EDGA events & tournaments.

What is my fee used for and how much do they cost?

These membership fees are used exclusively to facilitate in our ability to host these events as well as maintain and upgrade the course. Our primary focus continues to be growing the sport in and around the city of Edmonton. We’ve made some exciting progress with Edmonton as well as Spruce Grove and hope to make some inroads in a few other communities. Having a strong bankroll allows us to “chip in” on any projects to help them get started.

  • Type
  • $20
  • Access to Events
  • 2015 Numbered Tag
  • 2015 EDGA Disc
  • Member
  • $20
  • Member + Tag
  • $25
  • Member + Tag + Disc
  • $45

As always, we’ll be offering the base $20 membership that’ll allow you access to all the EDGA run events (league, tournaments, etc) and free entry into the yearend Mark Chopp Cup tournament and dinner. We’ll be offering this membership purchase online (via paypal).

Our members last year requested that we number the permanent tags this year so that on-course challenges can take place again. We’ve listened and we’ve done just that! Challenging and accepting challenges is 100% optional, but it adds a bit of pressure and fun to a casual round. They cost us about $5 to make so if you want one in addition to your membership you’ll have to cover that.

We’ve also had 60 Discraft discs printed with our 2015 logo. We’ve got 10 discs in 6 flavours: Mantis, Comet, Glide, Nuke, Flick & Avenger SS. These discs will be available exclusively to members on a first come first served basis until the River City Cup on May 16th; after which time additional discs can be purchased for $20 each.

2015-04-13 13.50.48

If you have any questions about memberships drop a comment below or hit up our contact page.

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