2014 EDGA Memberships

EDGA’s 2014 season brings a lot of change, but with it, a lot of excitement. In addition to the new executive and the hosting of a few new events, we’re going to mix up the membership a little bit and ditch the numbered bag tags and go with metal permanents.

When can I buy one?

Memberships will be available for purchase starting on April 27, 2014 before the League Kickoff Tournament. After which time they’ll be available to purchase at all organized EDGA events & tournaments.

What is my fee used for and how much do they cost?

These membership fees are used exclusively to facilitate in our ability to host these events as well as maintain and upgrade the course. Our primary focus this year is no secret, we’ll be working on signage. We want to fix a few of the hole signs that are either incorrect or damaged. We want course awareness signs to hopefully allow sharing the burden of safety with both players and park users. We’ll also be looking into event awareness signs as well a course information and disc golf introduction signs like at Wetaskiwin.

  • Type
  • $20
  • Access to Events
  • EDGA Mini
  • EDGA Member Tag
  • Disc Towel
  • Member
  • $20
  • Member Plus
  • $30

As always, we’ll be offering the base $20 membership that’ll allow you access to all the EDGA run events (league, tournaments, etc) and free entry into the yearend Mark Chopp Cup tournament and dinner. We’ll be offering this membership purchase online (via paypal).

Update: April 25, 2013
Due to situations beyond our control we’ve had to scale back our plans for apparel rewarded membership. We had hoped to offer swank red-black camo dry-fit shirts at the outset but problems with our supplier has led us to temporarily nix that. We do continue to plan to offer an EDGA shirt and hoodie in the next month or two but they will not be available immediately and will have to be purchased outside of your membership.

What we can offer immediately is a $30 package that includes access to all of our events as well as a red anodized aluminum permanent 2014 club membership tag, fundraiser mini (same high quality metal flaked version from last year) and a disc towel.

If you have any questions about memberships drop a comment below or hit up our contact page.

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